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At Bruner Law, they believe that finding the perfect OKC Contract Lawyer is crucial. Bruner Law specializes in mergers & acquisitions, and has an OKC Contract Lawyer that is qualified and ready to help you as you begin this process. If you are transitioning your business and don’t know what next steps to take, look no further. The team at Bruner Law is reliable, dependable, and accessible. All the key characteristics you want when working with an OKC Contract Lawyer.

Areas Of Focus: 

Bruner Law assists in all aspects of buying, selling and merging businesses. Here are some other legal issues they can handle for your business:

  • contract enforcement
  • breach of contract
  • construction
  • condemnation
  • lien foreclosure
  • disputes between business owners
  • disputes between companies and employees
  • negligence
  • personal injury
  • prosecuting, defending and appeals 
  • unemployment of wage claims
  • EEOC claims
  • internal investigation of employee claims
  • litigation – pursuing your claims or defending your interests
  • contract drafting
  • lease agreement – drafting or review
  • non-compete agreement – drafting or review
  • employment or independent contractor agreements
  • asset purchases & acquisitions
  • professional practice transition
  • contract drafting and review
  • employee Handbooks, drafting or review
  • policies and procedures, drafting or review
  • real estate purchase or sale
  • organization of an entity
  • asset purchases & acquisitions
  • contract drafting and review
  • disputes between owners
  • dissolutions
  • policies and procedures – preparation or review
  • property acquisition or sales
  • partnership agreement
  • research of your legal questions and advice regarding same agreements
  • preparation of demand letters
  • professional practice transition

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The team at Bruner Law work for you. They are dedicated to providing their clients with honest and fair deals, getting you the best possible results in your merger.

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